The Upcycle Kit

Upcycle pleasing vessels and pour tealights with two new candle-making kits by Wickpy.

Upcycled soy candles.

Candle-making at home has some great advantages.You know what's going into your candle, it is more economical than shop bought candles and the process itself is fabulous when you're using natural ingredients that support how you want to feel.

For us who embrace natural candle-making, we tend to concern ourselves with the environment and the relationship of our home to the local landfill. Reduce, reuse and recycle is often our motto and creativity the force that transforms so-called waste into treasure.

In the spirit of sustainable craft we are excited to introduce two candle-making kits and two blends for Spring which are sure to keep your hands busy and your home smelling heavenly.

Introducing The Upcycle Kit.

We have a suggestion for you if you find your Wickpy candle run low or you want to re-fill a treasured candle jar that invokes good memories of travel and experiences.

Put your Wickpy jar to use with the Upcycle Kit and pour a candle in time for Spring. It's perfect excuse to get crafty one day.

Introducing The Tealight Making Kit.

A sustainable alternative to aluminium tealights, the latest addition to the store will spruce up your space without making any contribution to landfill.

The Tealight Making Kit has clear reusable polycarbonate tealight cups, wax, wicks and an essential oil blend to fragrance tealights.

Once done, tealight cups can be cleaned and reused.

Scent into Spring.

With a vision to create essential oil candle blends that support you through whatever life throws at you, today we introduce two new candle making scents:

  • Peppermint, Basil and Lime to clarify and focus the mind
  • Frankincense Fir Needle & Lemon to energise and uplift with the strength of the forest behind you.

Whether its a gourmet chutney you treated yourself to over the festive period or a Wickpy candle that's run out, get crafty ahead of Spring and upcycle a jar with scents to inspire your intentions and support your mood.

Happy candle-making!
Love, Wickpy.

Wickpy Candle Making Kits

Choose a candle making kit with natural soy candle making supplies.

Candle Making Upcycle Kit

Make your next candle repurposed.

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Tealight Making Kit

Pour your own eco friendly tealights in clear reusable cups.

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Soy Candle Making Kit

Turn date night into a soy candle-making workshop.

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Candle Making Starter Kit

Pour a scented soy candle with scents to inspire your day.

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Help us make our world a little greener

For every Wickpy Candle Kit you purchase, we plant a tree in re-wilding projects with our partners, Ecologi. Check our progress so far here and thank you for your continued support.