Candle Making with Wellbeing Rituals

Learn about Wickpy's first live candle-making class and see how everyone got on at making their candles. 🥰

We were recently invited by Wellbeing Rituals to give a candle-making workshop at the annual 'Spring Retreat’ last Friday, an event hosted by the wonderful Mica Francis-Angel.

Mica's was one of the first accounts we followed on Instagram, so when we got invited to demonstrate soy candle-making at the wellbeing event, we naturally jumped at the chance.

Spending time with others making soy essential oil candles and talking about aromatherapy, intentions and affirmations was right up our street.

Preparing for the Workshop

It was our first candle-making class to teach, and we had some preparation to do before everyone would have their best chance at making a successful candle while enjoying the candle-making process.

It was vital to create a relaxing environment where everyone was free to craft mindfully. A presentation to show candle-making steps to share on the screen helped keep everyone together during the class.

The wellbeing event, on this occasion, was hosted online, which meant we all made our candles at home via Zoom.

The candle kit used for the event was the Wickpy One Candle Kit in two blends.

One half of the group made soy candles with ‘Juniper Berry & Orange’ essential oils, and the other half made their soy candles with ‘Patchouli & Lavender’ essential oils blends. All of were sent their candle making kits well in advance of the class.

The candle-making class

It was a really fun experience to share soy essential oil candle-making with a group, and there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions as we waited for the wax to melt and cool.

What we talked about during the class:

  • The benefits of making soy candles candles scented with pure essential oils at home
  • Aromatherapy, it's benefits to wellbeing, and in particular the blends we used to fragrance our candles during the class
  • When is best to use aromatherapy candles in your day and which scents to use at particular times of the day
  • Why we add affirmation stickers to Wickpy Candle Making Kits and how to use them for yourself

Everyone did brilliantly making their candles, and some images from the event are shared on this page to view. It was a bonus to see candles begin to appear on Instagram the next day in their natural habitat - in homes, lit and accompanying morning meditations.

We are very grateful to Mica for inviting us into the Wellbeing Rituals space and we hope all of the participants continue with their newfound hobby.

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