Soy Wax

soy wax

Make your own soy candles at home with Soy Wax from Wickpy. 🕯

Made from sustainable soybeans and out in silky white flakes, our soy wax is the healthier, eco-friendly choice for your candle making projects. 🪔

Make non-toxic candles that burn longer without soot and enjoy candles with a smooth finish and a strong scent throw. 🏡

To calculate how much wax you need to make candles, visit the Wickpy website for help and instructions. 💁‍♂️

When using this wax to make scented candles with essential oils or fragrance oils, allow the candle to cure for two weeks to get the maximum scent throw from your candle. ⏰

If you have any questions about soy candle making, please get in touch. 📧

Thank you for supporting our small business. 🙏

Happy candle making! 🤗