Candle Making Upcycle Kit

candle making upcycle kit

Make your next candle repurposed.

Give new life to your favourite candle jar or treasured food jar and repurpose it into a beautifully scented soy essential oil candle with eco-friendly supplies and essential oil blends to inspire your day.

Inside the Candle Making Upcycle Kit, you'll find natural ingredients, some tiny tools and an online guide to help pour your candle. Suitable for re-filling a Wickpy candle jar, it can be used to make candles in any jar with a diameter of 3inches or close, which is around the size of a French mustard jar.

Natural Ingredients

Choose plant-based soy candle making supplies, candle kits and essential oil blends for non-toxic crafting and natural scents and candles.

Feel Good Fragrances

Scent your space with pure essential oils blended to raise your mood and brighten your day.

Calming & Creative

Let your creativity flow with non-toxic supplies and enjoy the reward of making your own candles to enjoy and gift.

What you need

  • Stainless steel or Pyrex jug
  • Hob, saucepan and water
  • Thermometer (digital, if available)

What's inside

  • Soy wax, 145 g
  • Cotton wick x2
  • Wick adhesives
  • Essential oil blend, 10ml
  • Clothes peg to centre wick
  • Wheat straw
  • Access to online instructions


  • Candle jars can be washed with hot soapy water and re-used to make more candles or storage
  • Unused wick adhesives and clothes pegs can be put to work at making more candles or to make a decoration for a friend
  • Essential oil bottles are reusable and recyclable with brown glass. Black plastic is not yet recyclable
  • Wax pouches now biodegradable
  • Tissue paper and outer packaging both recyclable
  • Please keep the planet tidy by recycling & upcycling this kit

Scent with love.

We believe scent has the ability to transform our space and mood.

Our candle fragrances are made from pure essential oils masterfully blended to principles of aromatherapy and aroma-psychology to bring positive energy to your day.

Whether you want to kick off your shoes and relax or you fancy a bright positive uplift, we have a blend to scent your candle and lift your mood.

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Help to make our world a little greener

For every Wickpy Candle Kit you purchase, we plant a tree in re-wilding projects with our partners, Ecologi. Check our progress so far here and thank you for your continued support.