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soy wax

Soy Wax (145g)

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Having soy wax on hand is always a good idea when your creativity flows.

Packed in biodegradable bags and sent zero plastic with zero carbon delivery, this product is ideal for upcycling your favourite candle jars or cute jars into new candles.

Add a pack or two to your candle kit and make your own soy candles. 

Contains enough wax to fill one 180 ml jar with 10ml of essential oils.

How much wax for an unscented soy candle.

To calculate how much wax you need to make an unscented jar candle, first measure the capacity of the jar. Turn on a kitchen scale and set to ml. Place the empty jar on the scale and press tare / zero. Pour water into the jar and fill to the required fill level.

Multiply the ml reading by 0.83 to get the grams of wax required. For example, a 100 ml jar with a fill to 90 ml (to leave space at the top). Multiply 90 ml x 0.83 = 75 grams of wax (74.7 rounded up).

How much wax for a scented soy candle.

To calculate out how much wax you need for a scented soy essential oil candle, we first need to take into account fragrance oil and how strong we want your candle to smell. This determines the amount of fragrance oil required aka. Fragrance Load (FL) of the candle, which is expressed as a percentage. Anywhere from 6-10% fragrance load is normal.

First, multiply the desired Fragrance Load by the fill load to get the amount of fragrance oil required in millilitres. For example, for 8% fragrance load in a container of 100ml that we wish to fill only to 90 ml: 90 x 0.08 = 83. Lastly, multiply 83 by 0.83 = 70 grams of wax (68.89 rounded up).