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Candle Making Upcycle Kit
natural soy wax candle making kit
make your own candles kit
craft kits for adults uk
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, natural soy wax candle making kit
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Candle Making Upcycle Kit

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Upcycle jars into new soy candles and enjoy a relaxing candle-making experience with the Candle Making Upcycle Kit 

Uses 100% natural and vegan ingredients to make a new upcycled soy candle.

Choose from one of four aromatherapy essential oil blends for your candle making experience and scent your candle according to the mood you wish to create.

Happy candle-making!

Repurpose & repour.

Select Your Jar
To pour your upcycled candle successfully with the ingredients in this pack, please choose jars with a diameter and capacity in the range below.

Wicks are designed burn wax from a pool, usually within a fairly narrow range of diameter. This is why we recommend sticking with jars that have a diameter within the range below. With regard to jar capacity, too much or too little wax for the jar you choose will end up in waste or half-empty jars.

Recommended Diameter
2 inches - 3 inches.

Jars with a diameter outside of the recommended range will result poor performing candles.

Recommended Jar Capacity
100 ml - 200 ml.

To make one candle
Upcycle a 180 ml amber jar (Wickpy candle size), French mustard jars or other jars in the range of 175 ml - 200 ml.

To make two mini candles
Try smaller jars like dessert pots and skincare pots around 100 ml in size.

upcycle jars from home into candles
choose a pure essential oil blend to scent your candle

Scent it up.

Choose an essential oil blend that supports your emotional and physical needs.

Patchouli & Lavender.

A grounding floral blend that's great for relaxing the end of the day

Juniper Berry & Orange.

An uplifting blend that clears the air and the mind for meditation and focus.

Peppermint, Basil & Lime

A clarifying blend that awakens the senses and stimulates the mind

Frankincense, Fir Needle & Lemon.

An energising, invigorating blend that promotes joy and connection.

What you need.

In addition to this kit you will need the following to make your candle:

  • An empty glass, metal or terracotta container (or two)
  • Stainless Steel Jug or Pyrex jug (at least 300 ml)
  • Hob, saucepan and water
  • Thermometer

In the box.

Soy wax, 145 g
Pure essential oil blend, 10 ml
Lead-free cotton wick x 2
Wheat straw x 2
Wick adhesive x 2
Clothes peg x 2
Online candle-making guide

homemade essential oil candles empowering decorative stickeressential oil candles in amber jars

What's left out.

We keep the healthy bits in and leave the nasty bits out.

Paraffin candles are like tiny diesel exhausts emitting acetone, benzene, and toluene - all cancer causing chemicals. Wickpy wax is made from soybeans, 100% plant-powered and chemical-free, for a safer, longer-lasting candle.

Laboratory created fragrance oils pose a whole host of risks to human health. Snooze! Our essential oils are ethically sourced, offer real therapeutic value to heal body and mind, while protecting the workers, communities and environment that made them.

We use sustainable paper based packaging that is all easily reused recycled and composted, to give you a natural candle-making craft experience that is kinder to you and the planet. 

We put our focus on including the highest quality natural ingredients in our candle kits leaving 'buy-once' equipment out of the box. 

Why choose us?

Our idea

To share the love we have for pouring soy essential oil candles while having a positive impact on the world around us. 

Kind to planet

We use natural materials in our products and packaging. We offset carbon emitted from deliveries and grow two new trees for every product sold.

Kind to you

We keep nasties out so you can make healthier candles at home that are kinder to you, your family and the planet.