Upcycle Kit

Stay crafty and sustainable as you upcycle an empty jar into a new aromatherapy candle using soy wax and essential oil blends. Inside you'll find plant-based ingredients and an online guide to help pour your candle. Wickpy aromatherapy blends are designed with wellbeing in mind. Relax, focus, uplift and empower with natural mood-boosting essential oil blends designed to support body and mind. Immediately on opening your Wickpy Kit, you may experience the aromas hit you right out of the box. Use the included card to access your candle-making resources and turn your candle from ingredients to finished product with our step-by-step guide. Give yourself an hour to make your candle and some extra time to document your inspiration. We take the guesswork out of candle-making so you can pour healthy and uplifting candles at home.

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