Natural candle making, from click to door.

The Wickpy story begins in Islington, London.

As working from home took off in 2020 we found ourselves taking small actions to make our homes more relaxing and empowering.

The evening ritual of lighting candles became more important, as did the essential oils that fragranced them, connecting us to nature which we missed so much, and helping us to remain calm in a locked down city.

With newfound respect for the benefits of making natural candles with essential oils, we felt it was an activity others may enjoy and benefit from also.


Your type?

Wickpy candle kits help crafters at all levels make their own natural essential oil candles.

Our kits are:

  • Synthetic-free
  • Sustainably developed
  • Ethically sourced
  • Consciously packaged
  • Shipped carbon neutral
  • Fuelled by renewables

No excuses. No empty promises.

At Wickpy, we feel strongly about social justice issues, and it is important for us to be a solution-oriented business in the community.

We created The Wickpyfesto (see below). The Wickpyfesto makes clear our commitments in the world.

We intend to continually improve, and we welcome suggestions and ideas as to how we can best serve our community and planet. We are open to collaborating. 

We hope you will join us on our adventures in candle-making, craft, re-connecting to nature, protecting the planet, its people, and empowering each other along the way.

Shine bright dear star!


candle making with melting wax ready to be poured into a wicked candle jar

The Wickpyfesto

Our daily commitments to protect what we cherish.


Create a safe inclusive place of work.


Use natural ingredients sustainably grown and ethically sourced (essential oils).


Use natural earth conscious packaging, choosing recycled, biodegradable and zero plastic options.


Offset delivery carbon emissions.


Power our business with renewables.


Pay the living wage.


Grow two new trees with our partners, Ecologi and Eden Forests, for every product sold.


Against animal testing and reject suppliers related to the industry. 


Reject synthetic fragrance oils and all synthetic sources of scent. 

Our partners.

We proudly collaborate with these great organisations to achieve our environmental aims.

we grow trees with ecologiwe offset carbon with our partners at Pachama

Why choose us?

Our idea

We take the guesswork out of candle making, sharing our love for natural candle making while having a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Kind to planet

We offset carbon emitted from deliveries and grow two trees for every kit sold.

Kind to you

We keep synthetics and nasties out so you can make healthier candles with scents that support your health and wellbeing.

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