Upcycle Kit
Starting Guide

In this section you will:

1. Select a jar or jars to upcycle
2. Remove any labels
3. Get making!

1. Selecting a jar.

We recommend jars with a diameter as close to 3 inches as possible for your candle to be a success.

Veering too far from this diameter will result in poor performing candles.

Large diameters will result in tunnelling down the candle. On the other side, small diameters mean the wick becomes too powerful for the candle and it will burn fast and smoke.

Make one medium candle

180 ml jars (Wickpy kit jars)
French mustard jars
Jars of a similar size

Make two mini candles

100 ml skincare and food jars.

Ps. Don't forget to keep the diameter of your chosen jar as close to 3 inches as possible
(2.5 - 3 inches is  perfect 👌).

2. Removing Labels.

To remove labels from jars soak in hot water to melt the glue and peel off.

To remove remaining adhesive, if a scrub won't do it, mix a little baking soda and cooking oil into a paste and apply it. Leave for 5 minutes and rub away.

3. Candle Making Guide.

With jars prepared, we can start making our candle. The steps are the same if you are making one or two candles.

Download candle making guide

Listen to the Wickpy playlist on YouTube.

It takes two minutes to blend essential oils with melted wax. We compiled a playlist of songs around that length, because a song beats an alarm every day. ✨


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