Upcycle Kit Guide

This section is designed help you upcycle a jar to make a scented soy candle with a Wickpy Upcycle Kit.

Steps involved:

1. Select a jar to upcycle
2. Remove labels from jars (if desired)

With your jar selected and prepared, we will then move on to the candle making guide.

1. Select a jar.

The wicks included in this kit are designed for candles with a diameter of 3 inches.

For your candle to be a success, we strongly suggest choosing jars with a diameter as close to 3 inches as possible. 

Veering from this diameter will result in poor performing candles. Large diameters will result in tunnelling down the candle. Small diameters mean the wick will be too powerful and your candle will burn fast and smoke.

To make one medium candle.

Choose a jar below to make one medium-sized candle.

  • 180 ml glass jars e.g. Wickpy candle jars
  • French mustard jars
  • Jars of a similar size (160 - 200 ml, 3 inch diameter)

To make two mini candles.

Choose a jar below to make two mini candles.

  • 100 ml skincare jars
  • Small food jars e.g. dessert pots, ramekins

Ps. Don't forget to choose a jar with a 3 inch diameter before moving on 👌

2. Removing labels.

To remove labels from jars soak the jar in hot water to melt the glue and peel off.

To remove remaining adhesive, mix into a paste some baking soda and oil. Apply it to remaining adhesive, leave for 5 minutes and rub away.

3. Next step.

With jars prepared, we can start making candles.

The steps are the same if you are making one or two candles.

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