How To Make A Wickpy Soy Candle.

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This guide is intended for use with the Wickpy Candle Making Kits listed below. 



What you need. 

  • A stainless steel or heat resistant glass Jug (min 300 ml)
  • A saucepan filled with 2-3 inches of water
  • A thermometer, preferably digital
  • A paper lined tray to make on 
  • Relax a little and get in the zone


Prep your area.

  • Get yourself a tray or plate to work from
  • Place your jar, wick, adhesive, straw, spoon and essential oil blend on your tray. 

Let's go! ✨


Get some heat under the wax!

Pour a few inches of water in to a saucepan

Add soy wax to the jug and place it gently into the water. 

Heat to a low simmer.

Heat the wax to 85 degrees celsius while carrying on with the next step.

Avoid heating the wax above 90 degrees celsius and don't let the water boil off.

“Passion is the fire that can burn through fear.” 
Sharon Weil


Attach the wick.

With your candle jar to hand, hold the wick near the base (not by the metal sustainer) and pull the wick through your fingers to straighten it out.

Remove the paper from one side of the white wick adhesives and attach to the centre of the metal sustainer at the base of the wick.

Slide your wick through the provided wheat straw.

Remove the other side of the adhesive paper.

With your straw over the wick, hold the wick and straw between your thumb and index finger to keep it steady as you guide it to the centre of the jar.

Do not apply too much pressure, just yet.

Once you are happy that your wick is in the centre of the jar, release the wheat straw.

For off-centre wicks, you may want to re-adjust by using a dinner knife to prise out the adhesive and try again. 

Nice wicking 🕯️😃


Stir & sense.

Gently stir your wax and measure the temperature.

Aim for 85 degrees celsius - this is the temperature the wax binds with the oils.

Now we will add the essential oil blend to the wax and gently stir for two minutes.

While stirring, change direction every few few turns.

To add atmosphere to your stirring and blending, play music from the provided videos, or soak up the the scents in beautiful silence.

Allow the wax to cool to 50 degrees celsius before pouring into your candle jar.

"Never trust your fears.
They don't know your strength."


The pour.

Push the wick a little toward the opposite side from where you will pour.

As you pour the wax, direct it on to the wick.

When poured, open a clothes peg and use it to centre and stabilise the wick on top of the jar. 

Leave the candle to set overnight before moving.

Congratulations! You did it.

What's next.

The day after making your candle, trim the wick to 0.5 cm and screw the lid on tightly.

Clean up the jar of any fingermarks with a microfibre cloth / cotton cloth / paper towel.

Decorate the jar to make it your own, or keep it minimal. 

Allow your candle to cure for 10 days with the lid on.

Store your candle away from sunlight in a moderate temperature.

Once cured, light and enjoy your new creation.

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Candle safety and care.

Never leave a candle unattended.

Keep away from draughts and flammables.

Place in a draught free area.

Trim the wick to half a centimetre each time before lighting.

Allow a full edge-to-edge bed of melted wax to form before turning your candle out. This is especially important the first time you light your candle. Wax has memory and if you turn it out before a full wax pool has formed, the candle will form a hollow tunnel that will eventually destroy the oxygen available to make a flame.

Burn for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. Trim the wick to 0.5 cm each time you light your candle.


Recycling & upcycling

Please help us keep our planet tidy by reusing and recycling components and packaging from your kit.

To remove the wick, prise the adhesive out with a dinner knife.

Remove soy wax from the jar with water of at least 50 degrees celsius. Use a dedicated sponge with washing up liquid to remove residual wax.

Put your jar to use making new candles with an Upcycle Kit.

Thanks again for choosing Wickpy. We truly appreciate you. 

Have a wonderful day.
Love, W.x

☀️ "The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before"  🌼
Neil Gaiman

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