Peppermint Basil & Lime (10ml)

Create a refreshing focusing moment in your day with Wickpy Peppermint Basil and Lime Essential Oil Blend.

This minty, herby and citrusy scent helps clear the mind and increase focus. The lime essential oil helps to uplift your mood and keep you motivated.

Perfect for when you need to clear your mind and increase your concentration, which makes it ideal for work and study.

Our diffuser and candle blends are made using 100% pure essential oils and blended to principles of aromatherapy and aroma psychology. Our aromatherapy oils are carefully chosen for their individual therapeutic effects and then expertly blended to create an aromatherapy experience that have you getting more from your day. 🕰️

Peppermint essential oil, basil essential oil, lime essential oil.Peppermint: Increases concentration and mental sharpnessBasil: Reduces stress and promotes mental clarityLime: Uplifts mood and reduces fatigue.

How to use
💨 For diffusers and oil burners (order dropper cap)
Unscrew the cap. Use the dropper to place 5-10 drops in a diffuser or oil burner for smaller spaces. Double up for large spaces. Top up when the scent fades and rotate scents throughout the day for optimal effect. 👃

🕯️ To fragrance candles and wax melts (order screw on cap)
Add to soy wax to make candles at home. To calculate how much essential oils you need and to learn to make soy candles visit the Wickpy website for instructions and a helpful hand. 💁

Safety Instructions
🚫 Do not ingest. Do not apply to skin.
✅  Intended for use in diffusers, oil burners, candles, aromatherapy necklaces and home fragrance.

Avoid graveyard shifts with Wickpy Peppermint Basil & Lime Essential Oil Blend.

Rotate this blend with others from the collection or get the full collection in the Signature Blends Set of Four. Try it today.

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