11 May 2021

Why make candles?

The benefits of making your own candles at home are many. Here we look at the reasons why candle-making is becoming a popular hobby and offer some tips for newbies.

Have you ever thought of making candles at home? If so, you're not alone. Candle-making as a hobby is growing in popularity as we spend more time at home and look for hobbies as well as a desire to create an oasis to relax in.

The psychological benefits of crafting include improvements to wellbeing, reductions in anxiety and creating community. 

Regrettably, most candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances, neither of which are known for their health benefits (quite the opposite, in fact).

Plant-based aromatherapy candles, on the other hand, eliminate the chemicals found in mass market candles, while uplifting and relaxing us naturally with pure essential oils.

why make candles?
why make candles?

Peace of mind

The same concern for what's inside your food can also be applied to your candles. Most candles on the market, even many luxury candles (unless they are marketed as aromatherapy), are loaded with paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances which aren't optimised for human health.

By making your own candles you get to know exactly what's inside your candle. When you choose to scent your candles with pure essential oils, you'll make natural candles with added aromatherapy value.

If you can afford ethically-sourced essential oils, we suggest this option as product quality is higher and social and environmental outcomes are protected.


Burning candles regularly can be an expensive pursuit, especially if you have a fondness for luxury candles.

For less than half the price of a luxury candle, you can buy a soy aromatherapy candle making kit with everything you need to make a candle with ingredients and scents your body, mind and goals will appreciate.

To save even more, bulk buy ingredients individually. 

And to spoil yourself when choosing a candle store, choose a natural candle brand with aromatherapy blends and plant-based waxes. Your body and mind will thank you.

Healthier & supportive

Swapping paraffin wax for soy wax plus synthetic fragrance oils for pure essential oils results in meaningful changes to the quality of the candle and its ability to offer more than just a scent experience.

With aromatherapy candles you can expect natural uplift, relaxation and focus - the same physical, emotional and spiritual support we enjoy from essential oils elsewhere.


It needs little explaining how rewarding it is to make anything yourself. The sense of achievement and satisfaction are real and candle-making offers this too in a product whose function is to be enjoyed and consumed, which you will all the more in the knowledge that you made it yourself.


Natural candle-making is a fun experience, which you'll find relaxing and inspiring. It's also a bonding social experience especially when we share about our intentions and goals while making candles.

Purpose & discovery

At Wickpy, we like to give our candle a purpose that aligns with our intentions and goals. We may create a candle that's all about reminding us to practise self-care. Or we may make a candle that helps us to improve our focus and concentration when we need it.

We choose an intention for our candle, match our intention with a scent, and live the intention with candle and scent acting as both symbol and support tool for our new commitment.

Final thoughts.

Candle-making usually begins with a little measuring and preparing. When ingredients get heat under them and wax begins to melt, the real fun begins.

As a hobby to consider, candle-making can be so much more than simply making a candle. Our DIY kits offer a great way to get started in aromatherapy soy candle-making if you're looking for a convenient way experience the craft.

If you happen to take the plunge, we highly suggest seeking out natural waxes from sustainable sources and scenting your candles with ethically sourced essential oils.

And if you're going to make a candle, why not make a candle which supports your health, dreams and goals.

At Wickpy, we love candles and candle-making and we think you will too, but you'll never know till you try.

To learn how to make a soy candle, visit our helpful guide.

Stay curious dear human & happy candle-making!

Love, W.x

why make candles?

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soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils
soy candle making kit with essential oils

Candle Making Kit For Two


Turn a get-together or date night into a candle-making workshop with natural ingredients and empowering vibes.

This kit is presented in a reusable kraft gift box that's can be used to decorate and storage.

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