Welcome to Wickpy.

welcome to wickpy - home of DIY soy candle making kits

Thank you for being here with us.

We believe that life is better when our experiences don't cost the planet.

Wickpy is a new type of craft business selling natural, plant-based candle-making experiences that aim to do no harm in their existence. We are not perfect but we are doing our best to take the next right step at every juncture.

We had been making candles at home for a couple of years before we thought of Wickpy.

When the pandemic took off in Spring 2020, the ritual of changing our living room at dusk to create a cocoon of peace amongst the uncertainty became ever more important, and in that ritual the essential oil candle took centre stage.

We created our first candle kit to share the love with others that we have for candle-making with soy wax and essential oils.

We use everything in our kits to make candles for ourselves at home, so we needed to work out how to pull it together to present an exciting natural candle-making experience for others.

With our shared experiences in retail, photography and design and the space to create, the enjoyment we find when working on Wickpy is wonderfully freeing.

As a craft business offering natural candle-making experiences with plant-based wax and pure essential oil blends, it may come as no surprise that we wanted to continue down a natural and sustainable path when it came to packaging our product.

"Be brave enough to be bad at something new."

welcome to wickpy - home of DIY soy candle making kits

Our philosophy stems from a belief that our experiences don't have to cost the earth.

We have a moral responsibility to protect the planet, but if we are to do it we need to feel empowered to do it.

An aspect of our brand meaning has expressed itself as a voice of empowerment for our fellow humans, resulting in the addition of affirmation stickers to our kits that include positive statements such as "My intention is to feel good", "I am loved more than I ever thought possible", and "There is a way and I will find it".

Wickpy has become a haven for us to get creative and we hope you too will make time to relax and get creative with Wickpy.

Wishing you a wonderful Wickpy candle-making experience.

Stay safe.

Love & warmth,

24 October 2020