Using essential oils in candles?

Using essential oils in candles.

If you ever wondered if you can use essential oils in candles the answer is a resounding yes.

Perhaps you're tempted to use synthetic fragrance oils for candle making or you buy scented candles for your home from stores?

Before parting with your cash on either of these, consider opting for soy essential oil candles and aromatherapy soy candles instead. Read on to find out why. 

can i use essential oils in candles

Three-wick Juniper Berry & Orange aromatherapy soy candle.  

Essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils? 

Essential oils are made from distilling or pressing plants, trees, herbs, fruits and flowers.

Synthetic fragrance oils are made from petrochemicals and produced by duplicating a single molecule that most resembles the wider scent profile.

Essential oils contain complete aroma profiles with breath and depth unmatched by synthetics. 

This is apparent when comparing, for example, a synthetic patchouli candle from the most luxurious brands versus a patchouli candle made using pure essential oils. 

The Patchouli essential oil candle we make has a rich, deep aroma with earthy, floral, and herby notes. It is notes abound whereas the aroma profile of the synthetic candle is lacking by comparison.

The search for safer chemical-free candles.

Synthetic fragrance oils contain phthalates which are endocrine disrupters, and usually contain benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene, which are known carcinogens. 

Essential oils are synthetic free and offer natural mood-boosting effects, making them a safer candle alternative for our homes health and wellbeing.

Can I use essential oils in candles?
using essential oils in candles - the easy way

Upcycled candles made using a Wickpy Upcycle Kit

The easy hack to using essential oils in candles without making candles.

This is a fun way to use essential oils in candles without ever making candles.

  • Light a candle and allow a melted wax pool to form.
  • Turn out the flame.
  • Add a few drops of a single essential oil or blend to the melted wax pool (4-6 is enough.)
  • Re-light the candle.

Essential oils are flammable. Please take precautions - keep candles away from flammable materials and never leave candles unattended.

Make your own aromatherapy soy candles with a DIY Candle kit.

To fully experience essential oils in candles, we recommend making a candle from scratch. This allows the wax and essential oils to bind, creating a far stronger scent.

Our Natural DIY Candle Kits contain pre-portioned natural ingredients and straightforward instructions to take you from ingredients to  candle with no stress, synthetics, or plastics.

Expect natural uplift and positive vibes. 

Shop Soy Candle Making Kits.

DIY kit for making upcycled aromatherapy candles

Soy Candle Making Upcycle Kit


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Soy Candle Making Kit For Two

Relax, unwind and enjoy a soy wax candle making experience for two with a Wickpy Soy Candle Making Kit.

Make two 40 hour vegan candles with scents to naturally delight and inspire. 

Access to step-by-step instructions provided inside each kit.

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Soy Candle Making Kit
Soy Candle Making Kit
soy candle making kit for adults
soy candle making kit with essential oils
vegan candle making kit

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Can I use essential oils in candles?