24 February 2021

Pour & re-pour.

Upcycle pleasing vessels and pour reusable tealights with two new candle-making kits and two new blends.

candles made from upcycled jars soy wax and pure essential oils

Candle-making at home has some great advantages. You know what's going in your candle, it is more economical than shop bought candles, it feels great knowing that you made your candle yourself, and perhaps most importantly, you can make scented soy candles to support how you want to feel.

For us who embrace natural candle-making, we tend to concern ourselves with the environment and the relationship of our home to the local landfill. Reduce, reuse and recycle is our motto and creativity the force that transforms so-called waste into treasure.

In the spirit of sustainable craft we are excited to introduce two candle-making kits and two blends for Spring which are sure to keep your hands busy and your home smelling heavenly.

wickpy candles made with candle making upcycle kit
upcycle candle-making kit

The Upcycle Kit.

We have a suggestion for you if you find your Wickpy candle running low.

Put your jar to use with the Upcycle Kit and pour yourself a new candle in time for Spring.

A perfect excuse to get crafty one afternoon.

Eco Tealight Making Kit.

A sustainable alternative to disposable tealights, make scented soy tealights that will spruce up your space without making any contribution to landfill.

The Eco Tealight Making Kit contains eight reusable / recyclable polycarbonate tealight cups, wicks, wax and an essential oil blend to fragrance your tealights. 

Once done, the tealight cups can be cleaned and reused.

Wax, wicks and essential oil blends to pour more tealights will be made available to buy soon. 

tealight candle making kit
natural candle-making

Scent into Spring.

With a vision to create essential oil candle blends that support you through whatever life throws at you, today we introduce two new blends:

Peppermint, Basil and Lime to clarify and focus the mind and Frankincense Fir Needle & Lemon to energise and uplift with the strength of the forest behind you. 

Whether its a gourmet chutney you treated yourself to or a Wickpy candle that's run out, get crafty ahead of Spring and spruce up your space with new candles and scents in a collaborative effort between you, nature and Wickpy.

We are always eager to see your creations. Please send us your photos - we would love to feature them on our social. DM or tag us @wickpycraft on insta. 🥰

Happy candle-making!


wickpy candles made with candle making upcycle kit

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