23 March 2021

Spring Greetings

Here at Wickpy, we greet seasons with essential oil blends to fragrance our candles and support our goals and intentions.

Recently, we introduced two new blends to accompany our collection of soy candle making kits.

Peppermint, Basil & Lime

The first, 'Peppermint Basil & Lime', contains essential oils for focus

Filled with uplifting peppermint, basil and lime, this blend specifically targets concentration and alertness, making it helpful for work, study and gaming.

Peppermint, Basil & Lime Soy Candles
Frankincense, Fir Needle & Lemon Soy Candles

Frankincense, Fir Needle & Lemon

'Frankincense Fir Needle & Lemon' is an energising blend that will take you to the forest from the comfort of your home.

This blend supports intentions that require drive and energy e.g. starting a new project started or getting outside for daily exercise.

We hope you enjoy these new blends and may we wish you a happy and fulfilled Spring.

Wickpy. x

Soy Candle Making Kit
Soy Candle Making Kit
soy candle making kit for adults
soy candle making kit with essential oils
vegan candle making kit

Soy Candle Making Kit For Two


Immerse yourself in natural candle making and make two 40 hour scented soy candles with natural essential oil blends to delight and inspire. 

Access to step-by-step instructions is provided inside each kit.

This kit is presented in a reusable kraft gift box that's perfect for decorating.

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