26 Aug 2021

August at Wickpy.

What's new.

A month for holidaying and relaxation, August is also a time many will look to a new academic year. At Wickpy, it's given us time to do some development work, which we're excited to share with you soon.

If you're not getting ready for class next month, that doesn't mean you can't get in on the fun and treat September as a time to hit refresh: a new notebook or way of doing things, a clear out, or making a commitment to something that helps you grow.

You got this!

For a little down time and a lot of candle hours for the journey and to help on your way towards a new and improved life state, we're offering 25% off the Wickpy Two Candle Kit 

Use code AUG25 at checkout. Offer ends 31.08.2021.

august soy candle making kit

We're loving.

If you're drowning in dreadful notifications the 'I am' app may be the perfect antidote to give your brain a positive boost.

Finding herself alone in a new city after a break up and receiving all the usual toxic news and social media notifications, Noelle Stransky set out to build the 'I am' app, which delivers positive affirmations throughout the day, and we can't get enough of it. 

From the creators:

"How many negative thoughts have been endlessly repeating in your mind? Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns. Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions." (Monkeytaps)

The full version of the app is currently £19.99 annually. The free option offers enough features to receive affirmations by notification with advanced features including themes limited to the full version.

'I am' is available from the App Store.

I am app notifications screenshot


With summer in the air we're loving all things Juniper Berry.

From a refreshing G&T in the evening to a relaxing aromatherapy candle, Juniper is always fresh and cleansing.

And, with the new academic year and autumn on the horizon, Juniper is a great accompaniment to clear the air and embrace the new in your life.

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juniper berries and soy aromatherapy candles

Action Station.

The world watched on in horror as the Biden administration exited Afghanistan leaving the Taliban to take control of the country in lightning speed.

With the Taliban's track record on human rights, it makes the situation extremely dangerous for Afghan people left  under their rule.

UNICEF remains on the ground in Afghanistan providing support to children caught up in the crisis.

To learn more and donate, please visit UNICEF.

Rainbow Railroad is an non-profit helping vulnerable LGBTQ+ people to get out of conflict zones, including Afghanistan.

To learn more and donate, please visit Rainbow Railroad.

Thank you! Love, Wickpy.

a candle for safe passage

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Soy Candle Making Kit For Two

Soy Candle Making Kit
Soy Candle Making Kit
soy candle making kit for adults
soy candle making kit with essential oils
vegan candle making kit

Relax, unwind and enjoy a soy wax candle making experience for two with a Wickpy Soy Candle Making Kit.

Make two 40 hour vegan candles with scents to naturally delight and inspire. 

Access to step-by-step instructions provided inside each kit.

Presented in a reusable kraft gift box.

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