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Why make candles?

Have you ever thought of making candles at home? In this post we help you to understand ingredients you may want to choose and how your new candle can become a focal point for your intentions.

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Why We Use Soy Wax

Soy vs. paraffin is a big debate. In this post we look at the reasons for the debate and why we use soy wax at Wickpy.

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How to care for soy candles.

Follow these tips for safer, longer-lasting candles.

make your own soy aromatherapy candles

Service & support

We are based in Islington, London, and online from 10am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

For support, please send a message. We'll get back to you as soon possible.

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candle making starter kits contents
candle making starter kits contents
soy candle making starter kits
soy candle making starter kits
soy candle making starter kits

Candle Making Starter Kit


Experience candle-making at home with Wickpy.

With the Starter Kit you'll pour a 40 hour soy candle choosing one of four essential oil blends to support body and mind.



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Why choose us?

Our idea

To share our love for candle-making while striving for a better world for customers, communities and the planet.

Kind to planet

Our kits feature natural plant-based ingredients. We offset carbon from each delivery and grow two trees for every kit sold.

Kind to you

We want safe, chemical-free candles, so we keep synthetics out. Wickpy fragrances are made from pure essential oils.

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