Inspire your day with candle making.

Make an aromatherapy candle with soy wax and essential oils.

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Natural Ingredients

Choose plant-based soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils to make a clean burning candle with no paraffins, parabens or synthetics.

Feel Good Candles

Scent your soy candle with pure essential oils blended to raise your mood and brighten your day.

Calming & Creative

Let your creativity flow with non-toxic supplies and enjoy the reward of making your own candles to enjoy and gift.

Soy Candle Making Kits with Essential Oils

If you want to make your own soy candles with essential oils but don't know where to begin, look no further than a Wickpy Soy Candle Making Kit with Essential Oils to learn step-by-step how it's done.

With a Wickpy kit, you'll get the supplies you need to make your own luxurious soy candles personalised with mood-boosting essential oil blends to inspire your day.

Soy candle making with essential oils is a relaxing craft that's great to do with friends and family at home or online and is suitable for ages 8 and up under adult supervision.

Whether you want to make a jar candle, make your own tealights or to make an upcycled candle, choose a kit that suits your candle project and enjoy creating something that brings joy and wellbeing to your day.

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soy candle making kit with essential oils

Scent with love.

We believe scent has the ability to transform our space and mood.

Our candle fragrances are made from pure essential oils masterfully blended to principles of aromatherapy and aroma-psychology to bring positive energy to your day.

Whether you want to kick off your shoes and relax or you fancy a bright positive uplift, we have a blend to scent your candle and lift your mood.

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Soy Candle Making Kits

Choose a Soy Candle Making Kit with essential oils and make candles that spark inspiration in your day. Wickpy Kits are eco friendly craft kits including all-natural candle making supplies to make your own homemade candles at home in your own time. Full instructions are included online with a QR code to candle making instructions included inside the box. The question is, what candle will you make - a container candle, an upcycled candle or tea light candles?

Candle Making Upcycle Kit

Make your next candle repurposed.

Let's upcycle

Tealight Making Kit

Pour your own eco friendly tealights in clear reusable cups.

Pour tealights!

Soy Candle Making Kit

Turn date night into a soy candle-making workshop.

Pour more!

Candle Making Starter Kit

Pour a scented soy candle with scents to inspire your day.

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soy candle making kits with essential oils

Eco-friendly and fun

If you care for the planet, you’ll love making an upcycled candle.

The Wickpy Candle Making Upcycle Kit is a bring your own jar/container kit that includes supplies to repurpose your own jar personalised how you like it.

Refill a favourite candle jar or look out for a cute jar that suits your decor and transform it into a centre of scent and atmosphere.

The Upcycle Kit includes wax, wicks essential oils, and is suitable for jars with a diameter of 2.5-3.25 inches.

Let's upcycle

Help to make our world a little greener

For every Wickpy Candle Kit you purchase, we plant a tree in re-wilding projects with our partners, Ecologi. Check our progress so far here and thank you for your continued support.

soy candle making kit with essential oils

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"Love love love the packaging, beautifully designed. Easy to follow instructions really happy with the end product, it’s a perfect gift." Megan

"The kit was amazing! The perfect gift for my mum, thank you!" Jodie

"Amazing kits and they smell wonderful." Daenifae

"This was bought as a gift for my daughter's friend and she loved it. Came beautifully parcelled and on time as promised." Thank you. Jane

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Making Candles with Soy Wax and Essential Oils

When you make your own candles with soy wax, essential oils and pure cotton wicks, you get to enjoy candle making at its most natural with plant-based ingredients and zero synthetics.

Scenting soy candles with pure essential oils gives us the ability to transform our soy candles into aromatherapy candles with the therapeutic healing benefits of real plants infused with the wax.

If you have ever experienced discomfort from being around synthetic candles, making your own  soy candles with essential oils or buying high quality soy essential oil candles should eliminate the discomfort you feel.

Why make your own soy candles?

Soy candle making is the craft of making soy candles. Soy wax is a derivative of the soybean plant and a natural product that's suitable for vegans. Soy wax differs from standard candle wax known as paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a based petroleum product that emits harmful chemicals into the atmosphere creating soot in our rooms and adding unsightly marks to paintwork and other valuable decor.

Soy wax offers a clean long-lasting burn without the unpleasantness associated with paraffin wax. Soy candles can be scented during the candle making process or left unscented and can be made into different shapes (e.g. pillar candles, votive candles) or poured into containers to make container candles.

Why use essential oils in soy candles?

Essential oils are natural plants, trees, flowers and leaves that are harvested, distilled or pressed, and bottled. Many essential oils blend beautifully with soy wax.

Soy wax can be scented with synthetic fragrance oils or pure essential oils. At Wickpy, we choose to fragrance soy candles with pure essential oil blends to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the oils while also keeping the candle as natural and chemical-free as possible.

Benefits of making soy candles with essential oils

Crafting has its own physical, emotional and mental health benefits including the relieving of depression and anxiety, improving self-esteem, slowing cognitive impairment and helping with insomnia.

As a craft, soy candle making benefits from being a relaxing and mindful activity. The use of essential oils introduces natural scent to the craft which can be utilised to target emotions and moods and help improve our wellbeing.

  • Soy candle making with essential oils is a relaxing and inspiring crafting activity
  • Making your own soy candles is more economical compared with buying similar quality candles from shops
  • Learning candle-making is a skill for life and a wonderful activity to share with others
  • Candles make wonderful gifts to friends and family and are all the more meaningful when you made it yourself

Make your own soy candles with essential oils - a step by step guide.